Is it time to clear the clutter? Are you feeling overwhelmed? We can help!

“Clearing physical clutter = Clearing mental clutter ”

Your home is your haven, not a storage facility. Living and working in an organized space reduces stress and increases productivity. Our training as a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer enables a more efficient use of space. Often, a space can hold more than what it currently does by utilizing organizational solutions. Living in an organized space saves you money. Knowing what you have and where it is stored means you won’t purchase items you already have on hand such as groceries and cleaning supplies. Wouldn’t that be a great money saver?
Our services can include any or all of the following; take-away, donating, recycling, disposal, and arranging contracting services such as repairs and deep cleaning.

Hoarding – when clutter gets out of control it can take over our homes and our lives. Should you or a loved one be experiencing this situation, our services can assist in clearing and cleaning the home, with compassion and confidentiality.

Professional Organizing Consultation – For the Do-It-Yourself families, In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions provides a thorough assessment of the spaces that need organizing, then provides a written action plan offering recommendations and suggestions to make the space functional.

Professional Organizing Services – Working as a team, you and In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions work together to clear and organize the rooms and spaces – allowing them to return to fully functioning areas of the home.

Full-Service Professional Organizing – In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions completes an assessment of the rooms and spaces that require organizing, then, after consultation with the client, we schedule a day to return bringing materials needed to organize and complete the project.

Pricing based on the level of services required to complete the organizing project