Downsizing / Rightsizing

Downsizing is often precipitated by a life-changing event, and for some people, it can feel overwhelming. In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions can be counted on for thoughtfully planning this transition, endeavouring to make the experience as positive and stress-free as possible. We can help you with sorting, packing, moving out of the old home, and moving into the new home. We can also take care of any removal of donated, recycled, and discarded items, as well as any cleaning and staging requirements. Choose all of the above or any combination of services – we can assist you with the entire process..
When packing up a lifetime of memories, when change is inevitable, our training as Certified Ultimate Professional Organizers™ and Certified UltimateStagers™ will make all the difference – we can help you create a stress-free transition into your new home.”
Are you ready to customize your space to fit your lifestyle? While rightsizing is a decision to live with less space, it is not about living with less comfort. The “right-sized” home can help you grow – to feel free. Our training as Certified Ultimate Professional Organizers™, provides solutions for smaller spaces – helping you align your space to suit your needs.

Home Downsizing Assessment – In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions provides a thorough room-by-room assessment of the home. Pricing is based on the volume of belongings, the amount of participation of the client and their family, and the number of team members we will require to complete the project. The customized plan we put together is also based on the services the client requires i.e sorting, packing, moving out of the old home, moving into the new home, removal of donated, recycled and discarded items, cleaning

Deluxe package – Downsizing + Staging Services – In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions will provide a customized package as mentioned above combined with staging services.