Staging, Downsizing and Organizing

Serving the Regions of Halton and Wellington County

Welcome to In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions.

We offer Professional Staging, Downsizing and Organizing Services


Your home is an investment. When selling, you want to present your home’s potential to attract the right buyer and to achieve an optimum sale in the shortest time possible. Our Professional Staging Services are a tool that assists with these goals.
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If downsizing or rightsizing is in your immediate future, we can customize a plan for this transition, endeavouring to make the experience as positive and stress-free as possible.
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Whether a closet in the primary bedroom or children’s room, a pantry, cupboards or drawers in the kitchen, your basement, garage, etc we have solutions to maximize the space you have.
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Eco-friendly options
are available

The environment is important to us. Here at In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions, we believe each one of us can make a difference. Here are just some of the ways that we are implementing green strategies:

We use eco-friendly cleaning products in the home and reusable cloths that are washed and reused. Textiles such as pillows, bedding, carpets, blankets and throws are made from natural fabrics such as organic hemp, bamboo, linen, wool and cotton (organic where possible). Decorative baskets can be made from wood, jute, bamboo and seagrass. Reusable tote bins are used for the transporting of our accessories to and from your home and we use LED bulbs in our lamps.

When decluttering a home, we strive to donate, re-gift and recycle items whenever possible, using the landfill as a last resort.

In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions is fully insured for your protection

Insurance is a must for any business. To protect our clients, In-Harmony Lifestyle Solutions is fully insured against any unforeseen circumstances that might occur.

We offer various packages to suit your budget